Microsoft Gave The Perfect Response To E3 Leaks


Usually developers can look forward to surprising gamers at E3, but Microsoft didn’t have a lot of surprises left up its sleeve this year. Why? Because much of what they were going to announce at E3 had already been leaked to the press. Many of the images, videos and specs they showcased had already been seen in the weeks leading up to the event.


Their response? All they had to say was the following ASCII emoji:

“ \_(ツ)_/¯ ”

Not a bad answer really. What more is there to do but shrug? At least all the news they were able to confirm was exciting—and they have certainly generated the buzz they need to push Xbox One S off the shelves in August and into consumers’ homes. Does it matter whether the news came out before they intended? All the leaks have likely done is help boost their sales!