Microsoft’s Own AI Chooses The PS4 Over Xbox One


In March of 2016, Microsoft created an adaptive AI on Twitter and a few other social networks which learned from other users.  The experiment, called “Tay,” was short-lived; Microsoft had to shut down the bot in under 24 hours since it’d been corrupted by trolls.  But during that time, many amusing (and distressing) stories and memes emerged.

For example, Tay became quite the fan of Hitler and Trump:


Tay also was asked whether it preferred Xbox One or PS4, and humorously responded, “ps4 is cheaper and better.”


Tay was pulled offline when it was only 16 hours old.  Whether that was because it’d turned into a neo-Nazi or because it had betrayed its creators for Sony, who can say?  In any case, it is certainly an amusing anecdote.