Mountain Dew Drops Call of Duty Partnership for Titanfall 2


Ouch … we all know that Call of Duty has somewhat fallen from grace ever since the trailer for Infinite Warfare went live.  But this is just downright embarrassing.  Mountain Dew pulled its sponsorship from COD this year and has switched to backing Titanfall 2.


As with past campaigns, gamers will be able to find in-game rewards codes on promotional bottles of Mountain Dew.  Judging by the photos, this year’s promotions will include XP boosts and “Titan rewards,” whatever that means.  These benefits appear to relate to multiplayer, which suggests that will still be the heart of the franchise even with the new single player mode that the game will be introducing.  The mech featured on the bottles looks like that we’ve already seen in leaked marketing materials, so we can expect to see it on the packaging for the game.


It says a lot both about the potential for Titanfall 2 and COD’s decline that Mountain Dew has chosen to make this change.