Naughty Dog Reveals Shocking The Last of Us 2 Details


By now, you probably have seen the spectacular trailer for The Last Of Us 2. But you may not know that creative director Neil Druckmann provided some details about the game during Sony’s panel at PlayStation Experience, where the trailer was revealed.


You may have heard that Ellie will be the playable character in the sequel, whereas Joel was the playable character in the original. Neil Druckmann has also stated something else about the theme of the game. Whereas the first game was about “love,” this game is about “hate.”


Watching the trailer, it is obviously that Ellie is at least one person feeling that hate, though it is not clear yet for whom.


There are a lot of dead bodies in the trailer, so it seems like Ellie’s hatred is directed at their killers—unless of course she killed them, whoever they were. And then of course there is the matter of what happened in the first game, where Ellie had a chance to save the human race, but was robbed of it when Joel realized it’d mean her death. He lied to her about what happened, and it is quite possible by now she has figured it out and feels some hatred toward him.


We will have to wait and see! Whatever the case, this game will probably be very different from the first. Keep checking back for more updates!