New Battlefield 1 map “Giant’s Shadow” releasing on Dec. 20 for free


Exciting news for Battlefield 1 fans … the brand new map “Giant’s Shadow” will be free for all players, and will be available to download on December 20th.  The map’s setting is the Battle of the Selle in 1918.  When the map loads, the British troops have broken the Hindenburg line and are on their way to a strategically vital railway center.  The map features an armored train.  It will also include a brand new weapon, a crossbow that fires grenades.

That’s right.  A CROSSBOW that fire GRENADES.


Premium members will get to download “Giant’s Shadow” and the awesome grenade-firing crossbow a week early on December 13th.  If you pre-ordered the game, you also get to download the map on December 13th.