New Battlefield 1 video reveals sniper shield, mortar, and decoy gadget


Recently YouTuber LevelCapGaming got to play Battlefield 1 at a special event, providing him with an inside glimpse into the new game. Thankfully he decided to record it and upload it to share with everyone else. We now have a chance to see three exciting new Battlefield 1 gadgets!

• The sniper shied. This Scout class gadget protects a sniper from frontal fire and offers a small hole which the player can shoot through. Field of view is limited while using the shield. If necessary, it can be picked up and repositioned to give a better shot (or better protection).

• The mortar. This is much like the mortar in Battlefield 4, but it is a lot more powerful.

• The sniper decoy. This is quite an odd one, but useful. Check out the image below and you will see what looks like heads on sticks. As ridiculous as it looks from this vantage point, from elsewhere on the battlefield these decoys provide a convincing illusion.


Be sure to check out the entire video below to learn more about these cool new gadgets as well as some new weapons!

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