Niantic Confirm Holiday Pikachu/Raichu Will Keep Their….


Niantic has added some bonus features in the game as we head into this Christmas and New Year’s season. Ever since Halloween Niantic have added bonus Pokemon, Stardust, candy and other rewards on most major holidays. So far all of these holiday rewards have been very successful. So Christmas and New Year’s are sure to be a hit.


During the holiday season Niantic added a festive Christmas hat to Pikachu and Raichu. Not only have they extended the period in which you can catch one of these Pokemon with the festive hat but they also recently announced the hat is permanent. This means once you catch a Pikachu or Raichu with a hat they will always have the hat on. The festive hat was so popular that Niantic decided to keep it longer into the Christmas season. You can still catch one for now although it may not be easy.