Nintendo Finally Reveals When NX Will Be Releasing Worldwide


There has been plenty of speculation and rumors surrounding the upcoming console from Nintendo which is currently being referred to as “NX”. Although it was confirmed that the console was definitely being released at some point, when the console will be released was unsure.

The release date of the NX has been established as March 2017. This has ended speculations for a late 2016 release. The release date was revealed earlier today during Nintendo’s annual investor call.


The official statement which was released stated that:

Nintendo is currently developing a new concept gaming platform due for release worldwide in March 2017.

There was no further information regarding the NX released. However, they revealed that the latest Legend of Zelda title will be released on the WII U and NX at the same time.


Other games discussed include mobile versions of Fire Crossing and Animal Crossing.

There have been reports which state that the NX includes a touch screen controller, an official reveal is expected this year during E3.