No Man’s Sky Developer on Twitter: “No Man’s Sky Was a Mistake.”


Anyone remotely into video games this year knows all about the fiasco that is No Man’s Sky.  Developed as an indie game, No Man’s Sky promised gamers the procedurally-generated experience of a lifetime, and became one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year.  Sony, the media and gamers worldwide hyped up the game to an almost absurd degree, and then got angry when it was released and didn’t live up to their lofty expectations.

And now this tweet has appeared on the official Hello Games Twitter feed:


At this point in time, it is far from clear who made this tweet.  Was it a disillusioned employee?  Studio head Sean Murray?  A hacker?  Polygon claims Sean Murray has confirmed he made the tweet, and that he stated in an email, “We have not been coping well.”  But the Hello Games Twitter account has also just protected their tweets.  So it is hard to know what to make of this.


Regardless, there is one thing we can derive from No Man’s Sky, and that is a lesson about expectations and realities.  No Man’s Sky was a mistake, but certainly not the developer’s mistake alone.  It was a mistake made by Sony, the media and the public.  If No Man’s Sky hadn’t been hyped to such a ludicrous degree, maybe we all could have appreciated the result—and perhaps it also could have been sold at an affordable price with (ultimately) greater success.

No Man’s Sky is not a bad game; it simply was not the game we expected.  But we should have put a reasonable cap on our expectations.