Overwatch’s Controller Input Problem Might Finally Be Solved


The popular game, Overwatch, will benefit from a new patch, in the next few weeks, which will hopefully amend the current issues some players are experiencing when using a controller. Ever since the game’s release earlier this year, users have complained that the thumbstick movement isn’t always tracked correctly, which can make playing the game an incredibly tedious task.


The reported patch will include a variation of new content, features, and general improvements, however, the main focus of it is to fix the aim acceleration issue. Currently, if you suddenly jolt the controller’s sticks outside of the range, the in-game sensitivity can become incredibly fast in a split-second, which is obviously a bad thing in a fast paced action game like Overwatch. The patch will hopefully fix this by setting the default profile to “Dual-Zone”, which is a mode that automatically reduced the sensitivity in an attempt to stop the acceleration.


The announcement that a patch is on the way has made lots of fans happy and they can’t wait for it to arrive. Hopefully, this major update will make the game more enjoyable overall because so far it has really been limited by the bug.

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