PayPal data: 78% of U.S. gamers play on smartphones; PS4 edges out PC gaming


PayPal has conducted a study of 10,000 consumers in 10 global markets in conjunction with SuperData Research, and it reveals a lot about the habits of gamers.  Here are some of the key findings:

  • Around 78% of US gamers use their smartphones to play video games.
  • PlayStation 4 is more popular for gaming than PC among US males—but just barely.  48% of US male gamers use their PC to play games, but 49% use a PS4.


  • Women are more likely to play puzzle and arcade games than men.
  • 30% of gamers play mobile games at work.  Only 13% play laptop games at the office, while a mere 10% play console games on the job.
  • PC gamers purchase new content every 18 days on average.  Console gamers on the other hand buy new content every 9 days on average.
  • 46% of gamers surveyed stated that they had purchased video game content within the last three months.
  • PayPal is the most popular e-wallet for gamers.
  • The most popular genre was action at 67%.  This was followed by action-adventure at 62% and adventure at 53%.
  • Console gamers enjoyed longer gaming sessions on average than PC gamers.
  • Only 27% of gamers purchased games right away after hearing about them; most gamers plan their purchases.
  • Streaming is on the rise.  The top platform is still YouTube, followed by Twitch, PlayStation SharePlay, Ustream and GamingLive.  Gamers also are generous; more than half of US males had made donations to streamers.  A small percentage had even given $30 or more.


All of this data is fascinating.  It is valuable to those in the console and video game development industry—and if you are a gamer, you can now see how you compare to others!