PlayStation 3 production is ending soon


It is the end of an era. Sony has just announced that it will cease production on PlayStation 3 units in Japan. Whether production will also cease in other countries soon has yet to be revealed, but it seems like the most likely scenario.


The news comes from Gematsu, which translated a new sentence in the PS3 description on the Japanese PlayStation website. The translation reads, “Shipments are scheduled to end soon.”


Chances are good that production will cease in many Western countries around the same time, but it may continue longer in India, Brazil and other developing nations which got PS3 later.

The PS3 has sold around 84 million units to date around the globe. PlayStation 2 before it sold over 150 million units, and went out of production in 2013. The current generation PlayStation is the PS4; last year PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim were also introduced.

The moment there is an exact date for the end of production for PlayStation 3, we will let you know.