PlayStation VR Price and Release Window Announced


This is finally the year we are going to get virtual reality in our living rooms! For those waiting with bated breath for news about Sony’s VR technology, a release window and price have finally been announced.

Sony announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that their VR headsets will hit the market sometime in October 2016. The total cost will be $399 (€399, £349, or 44,980 yen). This is a lot less expensive than competing VR headsets. Oculus Rift will sell for $599, and HTC Vive will cost a whopping $799. What a relief that each VR headset that has been announced has come with a lower price tag.


Along with the lower price, is there any other specific advantage to going with Sony VR instead of a competing product? According to Sony President Andrew House, the headset is made of lightweight materials and was designed in a visor style to offer a comfortable, low-pressure fit.


Along with the VR set, a new media player will also be launched in October as well as “over 50 games” between October and the end of 2016. So that is a lot to look forward to for Sony fans!

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