Pokemon Go Breeding Announcement


Data miners investigating new updates to Pokemon Go have found an interesting hint to a system that might be added to the game in the future: breeding. This would probably resemble the breeding system originally implemented in Pokemon Gold and Silver.


In the breeding system, every Pokemon is randomly assigned a gender, although a few Pokemon, such as Voltorb and Starmie, are genderless. When Pokemon reach their adult stage (final evolution), they can become attracted to each other, and eventually possibly lay an egg of their species. This could also mean that baby Pokemon such as Pichu would be added to the game.


While breeding isn’t much help in completing your Pokedex, since you already have to have an adult breeding pair, it could provide another way to get candies and Stardust for the breeding species of your choice.


It’s not clear when, or even if, Niantic plans to implement a breeding system, since not everything hidden in the code gets added to the game.