‘Pokemon Go’ gives you more goodies for the holidays


During the summer Pokemon go was a huge success because it got people out and about during the nice summer months. However now that winter has arrived and the cold weather is here game developers at Niantic have had to think of new ways to keep people interested in playing. They began offering special holiday events such as the Christmas event that is happening right now.


It started on Christmas morning and will last until January 3rd. During this Christmas event pokestops will give out a single-use incubator. During this time you will have a better chance of finding Togepi Pikachu and other eggs.


Also being added are festive hats to Pikachu and Raichu. They will also hold another New Year’s Eve event on December 30th that will last until January 8th. During this time rare original Pokemon may be found. Lure modules will double their lifespan during that time.