Pokemon Go Major Stats Change


Fans have noticed that some Pokemon have had their stats changed after the most recent updates. In particular, several kinds of Pokemon have gotten a buff that could make them more desirable to have in a fight. Here are the changes that have been noticed:


ARBOK: Attack raised from 167 to 185. Max CP from 1737 to 1908.
DODRIO: Attack raised from 218 to 223. Defense from 145 to 148. Max CP from 2138 to 2205.
DUGTRIO: Attack raised from 167 to 205. Max CP from 1333 to 1612.
ELECTRODE: Attack raised from 173 to 176. Defense from 179 to 182. Max CP from 1900 to 1945.
EXEGGUTOR: Defense from 158 to 161. Max CP from 2916 to 2942.
FARFETCH’D: Attack raised from 124 to 167. Max CP from 1092 to 1430.


The buffs to weaker Pokemon like Arbok and Dodrio should help make them a little more competitive in the game.