Pokemon Go players are now filing complaints against the game with the Federal Goverment


Some Pokémon Go players in the United States are holding a grudge against the game’s developer Niantic. In fact, some went as far as filing an official complaint to the Federal Trade Commission!


There are some complains that are rather childish, like complaining about PokeStops being located in inconvenient places. However, some players decided to look for Federal help because of serious issues. For example, there were complaints from players who got their accounts suspended, even though they invested huge amounts of money in the game.


The complaints about the game are happening across the planet, not only in the United States. In Japan, for example, many people raised their voice when they found out that one of the locations for the PokeStops was the Hiroshima Memorial Museum.


So far, Niantic has addressed all the serious issues, but we’re yet to see if the same is going to be the case with the latest complaints.