Pokemon Go Update: Genders, Shiny Pokemon, Costumes and More


Checking out one of the latest Pokemon Go updates, dataminers on Pokemon Go fansite The Silph Road have discovered a wealth of information about probable upcoming changes to Pokemon Go.  It’s all ridiculously exciting stuff:

  • The 100 Pokemon originally introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver are probably being added to Pokemon Go.
  • Shiny Pokemon may be added to the game as well.  These incredibly rare Pokemon have different colorations than standard Pokemon.  Each will have its own 3D model, and if you catch one, you will hear a special sound effect.
  • Pokemon Silver and Gold incorporated Pokemon genders.  Pokemon Go may be doing the same, though this likely will not be an immediate change.
  • You should soon be able to customize your avatar.  There are several free outfits available now, but you may soon be able to purchase or unlock more.
  • Pokemon may be wearing special outfits to the holiday-themed event which is coming up soon.  They may also be able to wear other outfits in the future.
  • Baby Pokemon may look different on the Avatar screen than full-grown Pokemon.



All of this is in the code for sure, but just remember that Ninatic may or may not actually use all of this code.  So none of this is solid yet.  We should know more in the upcoming days!