Pokemon Sun and Moon: Get Your Magearna QR Code Here


Trying to get the newest Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon?  Then you need the QR code to unlock the Magearna.  The QR code is below!


Before you can scan the QR code and use it, you do need to make sure you have completed the main story in the game.  After you have done that, navigate to the second page of the “X Button” menu in the game and you will find the QR scanner.  Use it to scan the code.  The Magearna will then be registered in your copy of the game.  You can then visit the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to pick up Magearna.


Don’t worry—you do not have to rush through the main storyline to do this.  There is no expiration date for the QR code.  It is good to use anytime forever, so you can take your time and come back to scan the code when you are ready.


Once you have Magearna, you will be able to use it to do the Fleur Cannon attack and perform Soul-Heart.  Magearna was revealed in February, and is the first new Pokemon in Nintendo’s new set of games.