Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

It’s important to us that you be able to make an informed decision when deciding to use our website.  That’s why we’ve created this Privacy Policy to make it easy for you to understand the ways in which we collect and use your personal information.

How We Collect Information

There are two ways we collect information from you.  The first way (a) is by asking you to voluntarily disclose information.  The second way (b) is by collecting information from you automatically through your web browser.  Below we will detail these two methods so that you understand them thoroughly.

  • Voluntary information. When you comment on our articles, we ask you disclose information about yourself voluntarily using a form.  You’ll be asked to provide your name and Facebook profile URL if you wish to post comments to our website.  Providing that information is, as always, at your own disclosure.
  • Passively collected information. This is information which we collect through your browser.  Our servers are automatically able to detect your location using your IP address.  We also require you allow cookies when you interact with our website.  Cookies allow us to identify your computer, which simplifies your browsing.  We are able to collect information through the use of cookies including when you visited our site (date and time), which pages you viewed on our site and how much time you spent on each, and which website you visited before being referred to our site.  We can also see the website you visit after ours.  You are able to disable the cookies on your browser easily at any time under your options menu—the specifics depend on your browser.  If you disable your cookies you may still be able to participate in the Program, but it is unlikely, as cookies are an integral part of how the Program works.  It is highly recommended you leave them on or your participation may be made impossible.  Finally, we do collect some information about you via our marketing partners.  If you provide voluntary or passive information to our marketing partners, they may choose to merge that data with ours.

How We Use Your Information

We use both first and third party cookies in order to offer you targeted and relevant advertisements as your brose the internet.  The cookies we use are not associated with your personally identifiable information.

A Note About Third Parties

When you choose to provide information directly to one of our third-party advertisers directly through their website, you need to be aware that our privacy policy does not apply.  Instead, you’ll need to look up the privacy policy which that company has created to govern their interactions with you.  We have no control over third parties and their privacy policies.  Make sure to agree to those policies before you provide information to the third parties or accept their offers.  If you wish to opt out of their programs or mailing lists, you must do so directly through them.  We are unable to opt you out of third-party programs.

Third Party Ad Servers

One of the ways in which we present you with advertisements while you’re browsing our website is through third-party ad servers.  These third parties may also choose to employ the services of third-party ad networks.  Sometimes these third-party ad networks may decide to utilize cookies.  By using the cookie, the third-party ad server can recognize your computer and send you relevant advertising based on your past responses to advertisements.  These targeted advertisements are meant to be interesting and useful to you.  Random advertisements may not pique your interest as much.  Please note however that we do not control these cookies and are not responsible for how they work.  Some ad networks allow you to opt-out of targeted advertising.  Each ad network has its own privacy policy, which can inform you of its practices and whether you can opt out of targeting.  Also note that you can delete your cookies from your browser at any point through the options menu.  Specific procedures for deletion vary depending on which browser you use.  Please see your browser’s “Help” section for more details.

How We Protect Your Information

Your privacy is important to us, so we take every reasonable effort to protect your information from disclosure, loss, destruction, or unauthorized access.  Even though we employ full security measures on our own server, your data may occasionally pass through third party servers while being transmitted.  We do not control these servers and we do not know their security measures.  We cannot guarantee that the information you transmit will not be accessed or lost during transmission as a result.  Once we share your information with third parties, that information is subject to their privacy policies and not ours.  At that point we cannot control how your information may be used.  You will need to review the privacy policies of the third parties in question in order to ascertain how your information is being used and protected by third parties.