PS4 Neo to be Released by September


We are just heading into summer, but if you ask me, we can’t get this season rolling fast enough!  A French video game distributor called Innelec Multimedia seems to have leaked the release period for PlayStation 4.5, codenamed “Neo.”  While there is no exact date yet, Innelec Multimedia stated in a press release on Boursier that PlayStation 4.5 should hit stores “in the first half of our fiscal year.”  That would mean anywhere between now and the end of September.


This is a believable timeframe given that we can look forward to PlayStation VR in October, and previously we’ve been told that the console will be announced ahead of PSVR.


What can we expect from Neo?  It should be a lot like the current PS4, except that we can look forward to higher bandwidth, higher clock speed, better GPU, and support for 4K images.  All future games released for Neo will also be compatible with the original PS4.