PS4’s 3.5 Update Adds Crossover Functionality with PCs and More

The PS4 just received a new update to its functions that includes a notable addition to the devices a user can initiate the system’s Remote Play feature from. Because this latest update, codenamed MUSASHI, adds several features to the system and beyond, here is a breakdown of each of the new functions and expanded capabilities:

Users can set their profiles to the new “Play Offline” setting, hiding their presence from friends and ensuring their activities will go undisturbed.


Users can now set up notifications for when friends sign on.


Users can now schedule streams of gameplay in advance and notifies any desired groups or communities. Users who agree to show up for the stream will automatically be added to the party when the scheduled stream begins.


“Play Together” allows all friends to see who’s playing what in order to expedite the process of joining in.


Remote Play with PC or MAC is the biggest feature of the entire update. Computer play options include 360p, 540p, 720p and both 30fps and 60 fps. Playing on a computer requires a DualShock 4 controller connected to the device.

While the PS4 is currently leading this generation’s console war, having achieved nearly 36 million units sold since its 2013 launch, the ability to play from a PC or Mac has the potential to draw in large portions of new users to Sony’s gaming division. Users can now enjoy Dailymotion’s content through the Live from PlayStation app.