Rarest Pokemon Encountered in Wild??!!


Although many have encountered the Christmas Pikachu during the last few days of the Christmas event it has still been pretty special. However the real gem has been finding and catching the Raichu Pokemon. It is said to be one of the most rare encounters.


Those who were lucky enough to catch the Christmas hat Raichu Pokemon were amazed. One person tells their tale of not being able to catch it after seeing it. This led them and others to believe Niantic may have increased the flee rate or Escape rate of wild Pokemon making it harder to catch.


This also caused people to believe Niantic will not release many Christmas Pikachu and Raichu as they did during Halloween with the ghosts. Although it is tough to find there are still a few days left to this Christmas event where you can catch Pikachu or Raichu in a festive hat.