Red Dead Redemption 2’s Real Name Revealed, Leaked Map Confirmed Real

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The online gaming community recently went nuts when a Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked. That RDR2 was near completion didn’t seem like a stretch, but many were skeptical.

What’s intriguing about the map is that it’s set in Black Plains, which is where the previous game took place. RDR2 rumors have abounded over the last year, and RDR2 being in production is likely one of the worst kept video game secrets in recent memory.


Skepticism aside, the map may be the real McCoy. The website TechRadar verified with an independent source with close ties to the developers.

According to the source, the map is recent. The relevance of the Black Plains location is that RDR2 is actually a prequel rather than a sequel.

It’s worth noting that the map lacks railroads. This makes sense when considering the timeline and when a prequel would take place.


Another interesting tidbit is the addition of New Bordeaux. This is no doubt a nod to Mafia III, which will take place in this fictional New Orleans city.

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