Rockstar Posts Red Dead Redemption 2 Artwork!


Yesterday we shared an exciting development with you regarding the long, long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption.  After years of rumors, Rockstar Games changed their theme on Facebook to a red background with a faded logo.  This seemed like the strongest hint we could imagine that Red Dead Redemption might finally on its way … and now we have something even better.

Rockstar just replaced its cover photos on all of its social media accounts with this:


Could this be the first official artwork for Red Dead Redemption 2?  It is hard to imagine it could possibly be anything else!  Western figures silhouetted against a red background … it would be downright irresponsible to post something like that if it wasn’t for real!

Be sure and check back with us frequently for more news on Red Dead Redemption 2 in the coming weeks.  With these two developments in such quick succession, it is likely that Rockstar Games is right about to make a major announcement.  We will make sure that our readers get all the details here first!