Rumor: PlayStation 4.5 Is On Its Way, and It’s Called PlayStation 4K


Lately we have been hearing a lot about PlayStation 4.5, or PlayStation 4K as it is likely to be called. While nothing is confirmed here yet and a lot of people are still pretty doubtful about all of this … it is a lot of rumors. And that must mean they are coming from somewhere.


Now there is even more evidence stacking up. Digital Foundry has just “independently established” that PS 4.5 is for real and it’s on its way. According to DF, the console will be called PlayStation 4K as a reference to Ultra HD technology. Apparently the console’s GPU will also include an upgrade based on AMD APU technology.


Is PlayStation 4K really on its way, or are these leaks just out of control rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to check back for regular updates, especially over June 14th-16th. If PlayStation 4K is going to be announced, there is a good chance it will be during this year’s E3!

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