Screenshots Have Emerged of Prototype Call of Duty Game Set in Ancient Rome


Call of Duty has been taking some flak this year for going too far outside their traditional formula (moving from boots-on-the-ground modern warfare to space combat). But had developers had their way, eight years ago we could have seen an even bigger departure: a Call of Duty game set in ancient Rome!


If it had happened, “Call of Duty: Roman Wars” would have given us a new type of FPS: first person sword. We would also have seen battle elephants and a playable Julius Caesar.


This info comes from “Polemus,” an anonymous source who was involved with the pitch for COD: Roman Wars. Polemus talked to GamesRadar and explained that the game would have been developed by Vicarious Visions, the Activision studio that handled Skylanders.


A number of screenshots have emerged, giving us a glimpse of the game that never was. Check them out!

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