Should Pokémon GO Reward 1 Incubator with the 7 Week Streak?


When they originally introduced the seven week streak trainers were excited to see what rewards the seven week streak would offer. They played and played anticipating what they would get in return. Although it does come with some okay Rewards it was lacking in the key items that the trainer’s really need.


Many people believe the award should have been at least one lure or at least one incubator. Users feel as though they deserve it for putting in the time and effort. It did however come with a huge amount of Poke Balls. But it also came with very few potions.


Although some people enjoy the rewards others feel they should be offered more for this. Those loyal trainers who constantly get 7 week streaks on a consistent basis should be offered more Rewards. Hopefully in the near future Niantic offers players more seven week streak rewards and benefits.