Skyrim mod which is bigger than the original game is finally out


Skyrim was such a groundbreaking game five years ago that it still in many ways is unmatched.  Its massive world has provided countless hours of gameplay to millions of players around the world—many of whom still have not explored every nook and cranny five years later.


But some people have seen all there is to see in Skyrim, and wish there were more to explore …

Now there is a new mod which answers that longing.  Enderal: The Shards of Order is a huge mod which expands the world of Skyrim with new locations like the snowy Frostcliff mountains and the verdant forests of the Heartland.  It also brings amazing voice talent like Kevin Spacey and Antonio Banderas.


The mod is described as “a new game based on Skyrim’s core architecture.”  Thirty thousand hours of work across almost five years have gone into this non-commercial venture.  The game runs separately from Skyrim itself, and provides up to 120 hours of playing time.  Along with new landscapes and characters is a brand new “dark and mature narrative,” a new class system, and an array of new weapons and skills.  Oh, and did we mention working vehicles, including an airship?

Find out all about Enderal’s features and download it here.