Some PS4 users are getting this ‘Golden Ticket Voucher’ worth $100; here’s how to check if you’ve got one


Sony’s got a lot going on right now with a massive flash sale and 20% discount codes being handed out liberally to gamers.  A few gamers are getting something even more exciting however—a $100 “Golden Ticket” voucher worth $100 in PSN credit.


It seems that the $100 vouchers are being gifted randomly.  To receive one, you must be opted into Sony’s emails.  If they sent it, you will find it in the inbox you have linked to your PSN account.

Only North American users seem to be getting these.


The vouchers can be used on full price and discounted titles.  They expire on March 31st.  So make sure you check your email between now and then and use the voucher right away if you get one!