Sony Executive Shares Bad News About PS4 Backwards Compatibility


Frankly it’s just sad to have to say there is something Microsoft does better than … well … anyone.  But they are light years ahead of Sony in offering backwards compatibility for Xbox One, which PS4 still doesn’t have.


You would think Sony would get with it and start providing this desperately needed feature, but PlayStation boss Jim Ryan in Europe recently opened up on the topic while speaking to Time Magazine, and what he said is not encouraging.


First, Ryan stated that backwards compatibility is “much requested, but not actually used much.”  He also mentioned looking at PS1 and PS2 games at a Gran Turismo event and wondering, “why would anybody play this?”

You want a couple of reasons, Ryan?  First of all, because they paid for them.  Gamers should be able to own what they own, forever.  Secondly, there is a massive community that is dedicated to classic games.  The bottom line here is that Sony just doesn’t want to offer this feature.  But the company’s excuses are only that—excuses.