Sony finally confirms The Last Guardian a release date


In gaming terms, 2007 is practically the Stone Age.  But that is how long gamers have been waiting for Team Ico to release The Last Guardian.  Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two classic titles which blew everyone’s minds.  The Last Guardian is almost certainly destined to do the same.  But the game has struggled through one delay after another and was very nearly cancelled on more than one occasion.  Literally the only reason it will finally see the light of day is rabid fan support.


At E3, Sony confirmed an actual release date for the game.  And if that’s got you whooping with joy, just wait until you find out what it is …

October 25th, 2016

That’s right.  You will be able to play The Last Guardian this year.  In fact, we only have a few more months to wait.

There’s also a brand new trailer:

Everything about this game looks phenomenally beautiful—the settings are rendered with astonishing detail, and the design and movements of the creature are amazing.  It also looks potentially like a tearjerker, but this is no surprise with Team Ico games.  October can’t get here soon enough!