Sony releases new PS4 firmware update in order to fix this major issue


If you are really lucky, you haven’t had any issues since installing Sony’s update 4.50 for PS4. But many users have not been so fortunate, and have found their Wi-Fi connections completely unusable ever since the update.


We now have update 4.55 available, which fixes this issue entirely. You’ve got to love the passive aggressively vague description: “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

After weeks of failing to acknowledge the issue on any meaningful level, it appears Sony still is going to dance around the fact that firmware update 4.50 was a huge mess. Why can’t companies just fess up when they screw something up, and at least recognize the inconvenience they have caused? Oh well—at least we’re back on track. Hurry up and install the new firmware update and get your Wi-Fi back online. Let’s hope this latest update doesn’t include any more unpleasant surprises.