Sony Suspended Gamer’s PSN Account After He Refused To Pay Fraudulent Charges


Problems started for a PlayStation gamer after a hacker broke into his PlayStation account and made three unauthorized purchases of $25 each while he was sleeping. The gamer noticed the fraudulent transactions shortly after waking up. He saw a purchase for the NBA 2k16 game and PSN store credit.

He also saw that the email address associated with his account has been changed, which locked him out of the account. The legitimate account owner reacted quickly by blocking his credit card on PayPal and immediately got in touch with Sony.


Sony reset the email address to the previous one, but wasn’t sure how to handle the fraudulent transactions, as the money has already been refunded to the owner by PayPal.

After six years as a paying PlayStation customer, my account was now being held hostage, not by a hacker, but by Sony. I had to cover the cost of the metaphorical broken window, or my account was going to be locked. Basically, I had to apologize and pay for a thief.

The gamer went on to contact PayPal to cancel the dispute and informed Sony of that fact. The shocking development came when they informed him that he needs to pay them back $75 for the fraudulent transactions in full or his account would be banned.


For some yet unknown reason, Sony is refusing to cancel the fraudulent purchases and are now holding the gamer’s account hostage.

Essentially, he would have to pay $75 to cover the costs of purchases that he didn’t make or authorize. Failing that, he wouldn’t be able to regain access to his PSN account, which he had used for more than six years now.


Such a decision on Sony’s part seems rather irrational and many would like to see this matter resolved in a fair way. We don’t yet know whether the gamer has chosen to pay Sony in order to get back his account.