Sony Working On A More Powerful PS4 With New GPU and 4K Support

If you just bought a PlayStation 4, prepare for some troubling news: Sony may be planning on a PlayStation 4.5 in the near future. According to various reports, Sony approached multiple game developers at the 2016 Game Developers Conference to give them the heads up on what this potential new system will bring to the table.


Luckily, multiple anonymous developers have given the rest of us a heads-up on what to expect with the mysterious PlayStation 4.5. The biggest change is an upgraded GPU that is capable of playing video games at a 4K resolution. Currently, while the PlayStation 4 can show still images and movies at a 4K resolution, video games are capped at 1080p; to put it simply, being able to play games in a 4K resolution would represent a huge increase in your games’ graphical fidelity.


As we’ve seen with PC VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, a heavy-duty hardware setup is required to use VR hardware optimally. With the upcoming PlayStation VR system, it makes sense that Sony would want to push out a stronger PlayStation 4 to ensure that even the best-looking games will be compatible with their new VR hardware.


Unfortunately, no news outlet was able to learn just how much the PlayStation 4.5 would cost or even when it would launch. With one source claiming the meeting was only “exploratory” and involved mostly hypotheticals, it’s a given that the system won’t launch this year. It’s also unknown whether Sony will offer some kind of discount program for the millions of owners who already own a PlayStation 4.

This news comes hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer announcing that the company is looking into upgradable hardware for the Xbox One. It paints an interesting future, one where gaming consoles will be upgradeable rather than replaceable, similar to that of a PC.


One thing is certain: The next few gaming conventions, such as the 2016 E3 convention, will definitely be ones to keep an eye on.

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