Sony’s Working On a PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Game


The Spider-Man license is massive. Spider-Man is to Marvel what Batman and Superman are to DC. That license rarely gets proper video game treatment, however.

Mediocre games aside, things are looking up for the web slinger. His appearance in Captain America: Civil War was a big hit, and Tom Holland has a solo Spider-Man film on the horizon.


In order to coincide with that new movie, Sony is apparently hard at work on a PS4-exclusive game. This news is based on a Nerd Leaks tweet, but also, “Untitled Spider-Man PS4 Project” was found on the resume of motion capture actor Stephen Oyoung.


In the PS3 era, Sony wasn’t inclined to spend money on game development unless it owned the IP. That’s changed to some degree with the PS4, and of course Sony has a huge stake in the Spider-Man film IP.

There’s already been industry whispers that Marvel plans a bunch of console games in an attempt to mirror Warner Brothers’ success. Perhaps this will be the first of them, and we can’t wait to learn more.