The 15 Worst Videogame Letdowns of 2015


There were plenty of awesome videogames in 2015.  Heck, Bloodborne alone was absurdly good.  But there were a lot of lousy games too.  The worst thing was that many of them were highly anticipated, but fell flat of the hype when they were finally released.  Some of them weren’t actually terrible (a few were really great in their way), but we just expected so much more and they failed to deliver on their potential.  Let’s look at 15 of the worst letdowns from last year!

15. Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10 (Credit: Nintendo)

This franchise has been going on for how long now … what, like 17 years?  This might just be the most dismaying installment yet.  After 17 years, you need to do something to keep a game fresh other than just adding in amiibos.  There was no real innovation at all, and it only took a few rounds before it started getting repetitious.  Basically, there are a lot of other Mario games that are more fun to play with friends than this one, so it ultimately fails at its purpose.

14. Evolve

Evolve (Credit 2K Games)

This was supposed to be an innovative game featuring an asymmetrical structure.  The rounds pit four players against one, where the four play hunters and the one plays an overpowered monster.  Evolve wasn’t a bad game.  In many ways, it turned out to be quite a good one.  The combat system was imperfect, but it was definitely forward-thinking and the mechanics were interesting.  The maps were also well-designed, but they were definitely on the bland side.  Then there were all those hassles with the pointless and annoying progression system.


Basically, this was a good idea that didn’t quite live up to its possibilities.  But it certainly has potential.  The execution just needs to measure up.

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