The Latest PS4 Firmware Update Is Causing This Serious Problem


If you are a PS4 owner, you likely are aware that Sony released firmware update 4.50 last week. And if you have the update, you have been enjoying benefits like PS VR modifications, custom wallpapers, and external hard drive support. Unfortunately, you may also be experiencing an annoying problem with your WiFi …


A number of gamers on the PlayStation Forums have reported that they are experiencing problems with WiFi connectivity since installing the update. This is resulting in lag and online game play problems. In all cases, the issue did not exist prior to installing the firmware update.


If you’re experiencing this problem, here are some steps you can take to try and fix it:

• Change your wireless router signal over from B/G/N to B/G. You can do this by logging into your router’s admin account in your web browser.
• Try disabling the router password or switch from WPA2 to another security setting (you can do this through the same interface).
• If all else fails (or you do not want to mess with your router settings), use a cable instead of your WiFi.

Sony has yet to provide an official solution for the WiFi issues. We’ll update you when they do.