The multiplayer season pass is almost dead, this is how For Honor and Titanfall 2 are killing it


Fans of multiplayer games are rejoicing thanks to For Honor’s developers decision to release all maps and modes for free. Players can now advance levels without having to come out of pocket to do so. Following in For Honor’s footsteps are Gears of War 4, Rainbow Six Siege, Titanfall 2, and Overwatch. Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare have not taken the hint that this could be a great idea, but as the others pave the way, they will most likely come over to the dark side.


Damien Kieken, For Honor’s game director, said in a presentation, “We don’t want to split the community. So everything that’s matchmade, including new modes and new maps, will be given for free to the players.” Now everyone is on an even playing field.


Players are no longer separated into Season Pass Owners, Vanilla Game Only Owners, and Map Pack 1 Owners. Everyone will have the ability to own the same thing and play freely because the community is what drives the game after all.


It is all a question of trust according to Drew McCoy, the producer of Titanfall 2. The company trust that players will still spend money on elements of the game and the company will continue to give things away for free as a token of appreciation. Everyone ends up happy in the end.