The Top Video Games Of 2015

2015 was an awesome year for video games. From shooters to open world RPGs to racing games to everything in between, developers really broke the mold and gave us a year to remember. What were the top games of 2015? Check it out. If you missed any of these, they need to be on your shopping list yesterday.

15. Batman: Arkham Knight


This game was groundbreaking in Rocksteady’s Arkham series in more than one way. For starters, this was the first time that gamers could drive the Batmobile. Secondly, it was the first current-gen game that Rocksteady produced which was set in the Batman universe. Without doubt, the best Batman game ever!

14. Battlefield: Hardline


This game was totally unexpected when it was announced. Rather than another familiar Battlefield game with soldiers fighting it out on the battleground, we got … cops and robbers! It was a completely new twist, and you would expect it to have been an entirely new game, but a lot about it was actually shockingly familiar. Those cops and robbers for example certainly were equipped with military-grade weaponry! And it was still a war, albeit a different kind of war. This experiment could have fallen horribly flat, but it totally succeeded. There is a lot with the new formula that could be improved, but it was an amazing start and a bold move to do something so different this year.

13. Bloodborne


Here is a game that tops a lot of best-of lists for 2015. From Software has once again delivered a moody, challenging, fully-immersive experience that is every bit as compelling as the Souls games. Bloodborne introduced many exciting new elements to game play, including randomly generated dungeons. This greatly increases the replay value of the game. Every time you go through Bloodborne, there are completely new experiences waiting for you, and no two play-throughs can ever be the same.

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