This gamer just beat Dark Souls 3 using only D.K. Bongos


Just mention the name “Dark Souls” and most gamers will start laughing and shuddering at the same time.  Known universally as some of the hardest games ever developed, these series test even the most hardcore gamers with their challenge.


Now ATwerkingYoshi on YouTube has done the unthinkable—he has managed to beat Soul of Cinder, the final boss in Dark Souls 3, using nothing more than the Bongo controllers that came with the 2004 Gamecube title Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.


That’s right … he managed to drum him to death.  The whole fight took eight minutes and two pairs of bongos.  One set was used to control movement while the other was used for attacking and dodging.  He didn’t die in the uploaded fight, but his death count in the lower left corner of the screen read 154.  Pretty crazy … and amazing.  Check out the video: