This new World War II videogame promises 100 player battles that aren’t ‘sports like’


Have you ever noticed that games like Battlefield and Call of Duty are really more like paintball or Airsoft than actual warfare in terms of objectives?  A new crowdfunded video game called Enlisted is being developed by Gaijin Entertainment to address this shortcoming.


Ultimately shooting for a funding goal of one million dollars, the developer’s plan is to get away from the eSports aspect of shooter games.  In a statement, they explain, “Other online shooters are basically sports-like competitions with one team fighting against the other with the background set or decor of a particular historical period, but it’s not a battle, it has nothing to do with the objectives that soldiers had in real warfare.”


Objectives in Enlisted will be strategic in nature, for example securing a landing spot by infiltrating an enemy stronghold.  While missions like these crop up all the time in single-player game modes, we rarely see them in multiplayer.


Another big change will be that gamers will control entire units, not just one character.

Each battle will be released as a separate campaign game, rather than all of them being tied together through a storyline in a single game (the more money is raised, the more campaigns can be released). Accuracy in terms of history and feel will be a key part of Enlisted.  Both first and third person views will be available.


Visit Enlisted’s site here.  The starting donation is just $6.99.