This One Major Issue Is Holding Xbox One X Back From Surpassing PS4 Pro


Recently, Stephen Viljoen, Slightly Mad Studios game director, was talking about Xbox One X, and made some insightful observations.  According to him, Xbox One X is a “great piece of hardware.”  It actually has more powerful hardware than PS4 Pro, but that doesn’t mean that it is superior in every respect.  There is one major issue.


First, let’s talk about the good.  Then we’ll get to the bad.  The Xbox One X will be capable of some astonishing game performance.  Indeed, Viljoen mentioned that the engine the studio uses is scalable, and that the sliders for Xbox One X will be higher than those which will be available for PS4 Pro.


So what is the big snag?  Well, it doesn’t involve hardware at all.  The problem is actually cost.  Right now, it looks like the Xbox One X will cost around $500 when it hits the market (that prediction is courtesy of Michael Pachter).  That is $100 more expensive than PS4 Pro.  It is also twice as expensive as PS4 or Xbox One S, both of which are excellent deals right now.

You can watch Pachter’s video on the pricing problem here:

Indeed, it does seem likely that the massive price gap will hold Xbox One X back from achieving its full sales potential.  While it may be better in terms of capabilities, $100 really is a huge price difference, and a lot of gamers will not be able to afford it.  Xbox One X may be the best console on the market soon, but that does not mean it is necessarily the top value.  Hopefully Microsoft will rethink this and the price will come down when the console releases on November 7th this year.  We will let you know if there are any updates as we draw closer to that time.