This Open World Vampire Game Lets You Manipulate World Events


If you’re looking for a game with a different kind of mechanic, look out for the forthcoming Vampyr, developed by Dontnod in Paris. This action RPG is classified as taking place in a “semi” open world, because certain areas are sealed off at various times as the plot unfolds.


In Vampyr, you stalk the streets of 1918 London. What makes this game truly unique is that you can run around messing with strangers’ lives. Usually in open world games, there is not really enough depth and complexity to the lives of the NPCs you meet to make much of an impact—but in Vampyr, your actions will have serious ramifications for the individual stories and relationships of the NPCs you encounter.


Meanwhile, you end up with an additional moral quandary between staying true to your character’s oath as a doctor and drinking blood to level up.


The game will have four possible endings depending on your decisions. Look for it late in 2017.