This Totally Bizarre PS4 Controller Actually Has Some Great Features


You probably know that Sony allows third parties to make official DualShock controllers for PlayStation 4.  Well, the weirdest one yet has been designed by Hori, a Japanese accessory company.  You have to turn it upside-down to use it.


It’s obviously quite cute, but the designers who came up with this weird controller had function in mind along with form.  There is a dedicated charging base for the controller, rather than just a micro-USB charge port.


Those micro-USB ports are notoriously finicky.  They are hard to connect, and overly sensitive controllers can react through random button pushes when they are plugged in or unplugged (this is a design flaw, but it is a notoriously common one).  So the dedicated charging base on the Hori controller actually is a design upgrade over the traditional controller.  Pretty cool—let’s hope Sony learns from this!