To Unlock Everything In For Honor You Have Pay $732 Or Play The Game For This Crazy Amount Of Time


For Honor is a fun, immersive game, and it really is cool that there is a ton to unlock—but doing so isn’t easy.

You need to play this game hard for not just a couple of months, but a couple of years to succeed at unlocking everything.  That’s right—two and a half years straight.


Who came up with 2.5 years?  A user on Reddit called bystander007 offers the following explanation:

“The average hero requires around 91500 steel to unlock all base games (no DLC/Update content) unlocks. This includes Emotes, Executions, Effects, Outfits, and Ornaments. From there, you multiply by 12 (for each hero) and get 1,098,000. That is approximately 7.32 of the $100 steel packs.  Assuming 1-2 daily hours of playtime for 5-7 days per week, it would take players 915 days or two and a half years – but by then, Ubisoft could have released a sequel already.”

bystander007 then calculates that even if you were ridiculously committed, you could only unlock everything after about a year.

Of course, you can skip all this … if you are willing to pay an astounding $732.


Ouch—talk about a game that favors the rich.  Of course, you can argue that the game’s lifetime is not really determined simply by when its sequel is released.  Still, most people have neither that much time nor that much money to invest in getting the full experience they feel like they already paid for.