Will Two Call of Duty Games Be Released This Year?


There are reports circulating that Infinity Ward may have a surprise for their Call of Duty fans.

There have been countless discussions for some time surround the title of the upcoming Infinity Ward game, Call of Duty 2016. New reports suggest that fans may be in for an extra treat.


This is in addition to the re-release of both Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1 & 2 which are due to be released on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. According to sources connected to The Country Caller, there is the potential for two major releases being made according to the companies release schedule this year.

Adding another title into the mix can indicate that Activision is looking to dramatically alter their usual way of doing things this year.


The official announcement of the two upcoming titles is expected within a week’s time. This goes along with previous announcements of Call of Duty games over the last few years made by Activision. Still, its not definitely certain that there will be two Call of Duty games.

Whilst it would be good to see another Call of Duty game (it could possibly follow along the lines of Call of Duty: Heroes), there is the risk of the Call of Duty franchise going into overload. They have already faced criticism regarding the franchises tendency to release a new title every year.

There has yet to be a statement from Activision regarding this story, so all this is just speculation. It doesn’t stop us, however, wondering…