Xbox Slim fixes one of the worst problems with Xbox One & PS4


If you have either an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, you know that one of the biggest annoyances with the hardware on both is the start button.  Neither Xbox One nor PS4 has a traditional button; instead, they both have touch-sensitive “buttons” which are not actually physically there.

The idea of these touch-sensitive buttons seems cool and futuristic, but in reality they are extremely problematic.  It is nearly impossible not to press them on accident.  Turning your console on or off when you don’t want to is a real pain.

Good news for everyone in the world who can’t stand this—Xbox One S is eliminating the horrible touch-sensitive startup button and replacing it with a real, physical start button.


Tons of gamers have complained about the Xbox One power button problem over the years.  It is a relief to find out that Microsoft has been listening.  Let’s hope this bodes well for other features on the Xbox One S and the forthcoming Scorpio.  Maybe this is just one of many improvements to the hardware!

Xbox One S will be available in August for just $299.  If Microsoft comes up with a trade-in scheme, the cost will be even more reasonable!