You Can Finally Store Your PS4 Files on an External Hard Drive


Video games are getting more and more sophisticated, but that means that video game files sizes are getting larger all the time.  All it takes is a few big games, and you can quickly find yourself exceeding the 500 GB of space on a PlayStation 4.  While you can upgrade the hard drive, for a lot of gamers, that just isn’t an acceptable option.  And why should it be, when it would be so much easier to just use an external hard drive?


Now you can.  PlayStation just announced on their blog that this highly demanded feature is now available.  You can plug in a USB 3.0 HDD up to 8TB in size and use it to expand your space.  You even can download and install applications directly on the external drive.  These applications will appear as usual in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen.


It is awesome that Sony has finally made this option available.  Now you can download and install a lot more games!