10 Impossible Puzzle Games That Make You Smarter


If you believe that video games should not only be for fun, but also for making your brain run faster, this article is for you. We’ve come up with a list of 10 best puzzle games in the world today. All of them will make you think. They require focus and out of the box thinking, which is why not everyone can solve them. Although every game is different, you can be sure that all of them are made to make you smarter. Whether it’s about solving puzzles, opening portals or solving mazes, all of these games will speed up your brain.



You are playing the role of Richard Conway, a freelance spy who is accused of a murder. The only way to clear his reputation is finding the right murderer. For that, Conway needs to sneak in all kinds of buildings, avoid guards and solve all sorts of mysteries.

What makes this game great for your brain is that it’s based about getting in buildings without being noticed, which you can do only by solving unique puzzles. The puzzles deal with rewiring electrical equipment by using a gadget called “crosslink”.


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